Pick the winner out of The Hat

runs on Windows
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If you have kids—or have ever been a kid—then you know that competition is one of the driving forces of the Universe. "I call shotgun!" "We always have to do what YOU want!" You've heard them all. If you want to maintain some sense of order, or at least keep your hearing intact, then from time to time you may need to step in to settle things. You might just decide arbitrarily who "wins", or you might choose another method, like picking names out of a hat.

The Hat is an electronic version of that tried and true decision making process. Enter a list of names, and The Hat will help you make your pick. In addition to the all important decisions about who gets to sit where and who picks the movie to go see, The Hat can be used for other types of drawings as well. Running a raffle? Enter names and let it you help pick the winner. You can also choose pairs of names for assigning teams and such.

The Hat is a Windows application.

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    Good try.

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