Drive Manager puts you in your system's driver's seat

runs on Windows
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How many drives does your system have? You've got one or two hard disks; maybe they're broken down into several different partitions. But then there's optical drives, removable drives, network volumes, and more. By the time it's all said and done, you could easily be dealing with a dozen or more different drives. How do you propose to keep track of them all? While Windows Explorer will give you a list and some rudimentary functionality here, it might be worth looking at a dedicated tool to help you stay on top of things.

Drive Manager is such a tool. You can see which volumes you're dealing with, all in one place. In addition, it helps make it easier by letting you tweak disk settings: maybe you want to rename a drive, or you've got a handful of thumb drives to manage that you want to add the manufacturer's name to. In addition, you'll get all the vital stats for each of your drives: capacity, bytes used, filesystem format, and more.

In addition, Drive manager can be used like a supercharged version of the old reliable DOS SUBST program. Now instead of having to keep track of a long and complicated path for that important directory you're working in (like C:\deep\dark\nested\six\levels\down\directory), you can just refer to it as Z: and go on your way.

Drive Manager is a free Windows application.

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