Find and remove duplicate files on your hard drive

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Spring Cleaning is an idea that's been around for a long time. While you may dust a little here and vacuum a little there on a regular basis, it's a chance for a big-deal, deep cleaning that takes care of business in a serious way. When was the last time you did a Spring Cleaning on your hard drive?

Fast Duplicate File Finder is a tool that can help you tidy things up around the ol' computer. As you work you can end up with duplicate files scattered across your system. Maybe it's a project that you got halfway through that you abandoned and restarted someplace else. Maybe you pulled together a directory of copies of files that you wanted to burn onto a CD. Either way, you've got multiple instances of files—duplicates—taking up space on your system that you might be able to put to better use.

Turn this tool loose on your system and it'll search through folders, volumes, or even your entire system looking for duplicate files. Because it looks inside the files themselves, it will find identical content that has different names, so that you can really clean things up. To make sure you're deleting what you really want to get rid of, it has built-in preview capability for many types of files, so you can look before you trash. And speaking of trash, you can dictate that your duplicate files be moved to Recycle Bin or any other directory you want, just in case you need to being them back.

Fast Duplicate File Finder is a Windows application. It will run on systems from Win98 up through Vista.

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2 Responses to “Find and remove duplicate files on your hard drive”

  1. Mary says:

    This utility did not work as advertised. Even though the box was checked to move deleted file to the Recycle Bin, they were deleted outright. Including a system32/hal.dll file which is absolutely necessary to boot Windows XP. I asked a friend (who is an IT manager) to try the freebie and she had the exact same problems. Fortunately, we both believe in Acronis True Image and we were able to restore our machines in about 15 minutes. USER BEWARE WITH THIS ONE.

  2. someone says:

    thanks for the warning. will not try this one then. not a techie here and do not know one so will go with a not free one instead.

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