Brainstorming Made Simple

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Life is full of decisions. Whether it's chocolate or vanilla, paper or plastic, or even "tastes great" or "less filling", you've got to have some criteria for making your choice. In trivial cases like this, you probably don't have to subject your decision-making progress to much scrutiny, but if you have decisions of greater importance to make, then you probably have to consider a number of factors and alternatives, and weigh their relative importance, to make the best decision that you can.

The time-honored process of making a "pro" and "con" list might be helpful, but that may not be enough either. is a tool that can help you to approach your decision making process more seriously. You can create a "mind map" of all your considerations. Once you have several nodes set up on your sheet, you can drag them around the screen, define relationships between them, and otherwise fine-tune your thinking. It's easy to share your sheet with others; now you can collaborate and make even better decisions when you've got everybody's input. is a free online service. You should be able to use it with any modern Web browser with a Flash plugin installed.


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