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When you need to communicate an idea quickly, often the easiest way to do so is to make a phone call. Unfortunately, sometimes speed takes a priority over precision and detail in that phone call. If you really want to make sure that everybody's on the same page, there's nothing that can substitute for communicating in writing. Unfortunately with our hectic lives, it's not always easy to sit down and focus on the written word. If there were some way to combine the precision of text with the ease of voice, then you'd have something.

Text To MP3 Speaker is an app that takes text and turns it into the spoken word. Through the magic of speech to text technology, this tool takes your document—report, web page, email—and creates an MP3 audio file of it. That means that you can listen to that report instead of reading it. Or you can take your email along on your iPod and listen to it instead of having to plow through it all on-screen.

Text To MP3 Speaker is a free download. It's a Windows app, and requires the .NET Framework version 2.0 or above.

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  1. Sofia Hogan says:

    Great app! perhaps you should put a “tweet” button underneath each review so people can shout out stuff from you site!

    Thanks a bunch!