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Life is complicated. With so many people trying to do so many things, it's a wonder we don't step all over each other in the process. One way to avoid problems is to spell out specifically what we want to accomplish, and what we need from others. One of the best ways to do this in a clear, concise manner is to use a contract. If you do "x", I'll give you "y". It's pretty straightforward. Or so it seems. Mix in some attorneys and a bit of legal gobbledygook and pretty soon you've only added to the complication.

Practitioners of the law do have their place, and the advice from Shakespeare that "the first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers" [Henry VI (Part 2)] may be reaching a bit. The fact is that many agreements can be made without the attention and cost of an attorney. Printable Contracts features a number of contract agreements that you can download and use for some of your more simple transactions. They feature templates for contracts for personal and professional services, real estate and rental contracts, and more. While they feature a prominent disclaimer that they are not themselves attorneys and their site does not dispense legal advice, these templates may serve as a good jumping-off point drafting an agreement for your own purposes.

Printable Contracts are free to download. They're all available in Word DOC format, so you can open them up, customize them for your needs, and print them out.

Download Printable Contracts

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