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runs on Windows
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Some folks just can't get enough karaoke. Whether it's the challenge of trying to match the original performance, the camaraderie of hangin' with the other performers, or your sincere desire to win at American Idol, you've just got to have more. It's not always convenient to head down to the local watering hole to get your groove on, but you've just gotta' have it. What to do?

KaraFun takes your computer and turns it into a high-powered karaoke machine, and more. Not only will it play most standard-format karaoke files, but you can create your own as well. Your mileage may vary in removing the vocals from your track, but you can always go get real backing tracks. Enhance playback by slowing-down (while learning a piece) or speeding-up (blow everybody's mind) the tempo. Change the key to match your range without sounding like you're singing with The Chipmunks.

KaraFun free is for home use only. It's a Windows application.

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