Help others work more productively with a monkey on their back

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screenshot of Monkey On Your Back

There are plenty of tools out there that can help you stay on task and on target. Project planners, lists of tasks, reminders of stuff you need to do, that sort of thing. What about reminders of stuff that other people are supposed to do?

Monkey On Your Back is a service that lets you send reminders to other people that they've got things they need to do. Once you've signed up for a free account, all you need to do to put a monkey on somebody else's back is to enter their email address, a description of the task they need to attend to, and a due date. Your recipient will now receive regular reminder emails, and once you hit the the deadline, you'll get an email reminding you to check on the project's status. You can manage your "monkeys"—both those you've sent, and those that have been sent to you—through a simple web interface.

Monkey On Your Back is a free online service.

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