Help avoid repetitive strain injury with AntiRSI

runs on Mac
screenshot of AntiRSI

Do you sit at your desk for hours on end, typing (or mousing) away at your Mac? You know that's not good for you, right? Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is a real problem, and if you make your living blogging, coding, or otherwise pounding away, you don't need to find yourself out-of-action because you didn't take enough breaks while you were working. I suppose if you were disciplined enough—or un-focused enough—you could avoid this, but sometimes it's helpful to have a little assistance.

AntiRSI is an app that can help you remember to take breaks when you should. You can set intervals for pauses—short rests of a few seconds—and for real breaks—less frequent, but several minutes in length. It's also smart enough to recognize when you've taken a bit of a break on your own, and won't force you to stop too many times.

A free download, AntiRSI is distributed as a Universal Binary, meaning it's equally at home on your PowerPC or x86-flavored Mac. It requires OS X version 10.4 or later.

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