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runs on Windows
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Curious to see what's going on under the hood of your Windows box? Too bad you aren't running *NIX, where tools like "top" and "ps" can give you the lowdown on the processing currently inhabiting your CPU. Well, this may be your lucky day: you just found ProcX.

ProcX is a GUI tool that lets you see what processes are currently running on your machine. If things are responding slowly, you can see who's being the resource hog. Can't delete that file? Maybe you can figure out who has it locked. You can selectively kill a process, or choose to simply suspend it. Not sure what a particular process is trying to do? Search for that process name in Google and see whether it's some obscure Windows DLL, or that nastiest virus to come along in quite some time (kill it now!).

ProcX is a Windows app. You'll need to be running Win2k or later to use it.

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