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Whenever you turn on the news, education is always a big topic. Whether it's stories about why Johnny can't read, or about lack of funding forcing teachers to spend their own money on supplies, there's always something. While we can't help Johnny directly, we have found a way to give a hand to the teachers.

Teachers Printables offers several dozen printable items of use for teachers and classrooms. Whether it's attendance charts, to make sure everybody shows up, lesson planning forms to help Johnny with his reading, or classroom management items like hall passes there's a wealth of free stuff just for the taking. All the various forms, logs, and charts are available as PDF docs for printing, or as Word DOC files, ready to be customized to your specific needs.

Teachers Printables are all available for free download. They've also got an option to download everything from the site all at once for $27.00, or a site license to use the content for an entire school for $69.00

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