Automatic time tracking with manicTime

runs on Windows
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Where has all the time gone? You know you've been working all day, 'cause you're just beat. But if you haven't kept notes through the day, you may not remember everything that you did. Sure the 4 hours you spent on the Johnson report is easy to remember, but what about the little ten- and twenty minute jobs you did? You got the work done, but you'll never be able to tell anyone about it. Until now.

manicTime is a tool that helps you log your time. It keeps track to when your computer was active (presumably you were working, or at least playing Minesweeper) or idle. It also keeps an eye on which applications you were running, helping you to focus in on what work you were doing. And finally, you can add your own tags to really capture what you were up to. All data is stored locally, so you don't have to worry about anybody else getting into it, and since it's on your machine, you don't have to be online to record your activities.

manicTime is a free Windows app. You can use it with systems running WinXP+.

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