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You need to remember stuff. A string around your finger used to be enough, but lately that just doesn't seem to cut it. There are bunches of low-tech and high-tech solutions, each having its own set of advantages and limitations. If you're having troubles with your current setup, maybe it's time to take a look at whatever else is available out there.

reQall is a tool to help you remember all the stuff you're responsible for. Probably the most interesting feature it's got going for it is that sheer number of ways you can interact with it. Instead of being saddled with a desktop app that may not be available on your favorite computing platform, you've got a pile of different ways to talk with it. Along with the standard web interface, you can use email, SMS text message, Google Calendar, your favorite instant messaging client, and more to set and retrieve notes. A Firefox add-on even lets you create items from web pages. Now you rally don't have any excuse to not get organized and stay on top of things.

reQall is a free service.

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