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Okay, finished that job. What's next? If the answer to that question is to look at that wadded-up piece of paper in your pocket, or even to just sit back and scratch your head wondering just what it was that you needed to do, then you probably need some help. One candidate for that assistance is some kind of to-do list. While you can use paper-and-pencil lists, maybe you'd like to upgrade to something a little bit more fancy than that.

Now you're not looking for an Outlook clone, with tons of features that you'll probably never use; rather, you just want to remember what you need to be working on next, but without letting anything fall through the cracks. Maybe Ta-da List is what you're after.

This free online service does to-do lists and nothing else. Nothing fancy here—no dates to set, no email reminders—just a quick and dirty checklist of all the stuff you need to take care of. You can create and manage multiple lists, with several tasks on each one. It looks like any old web browser will work with it. And being web-based, you can access from any device that has Internet connectivity. You can even share lists with others, making this a very low-cost project management tool.

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