NameChanger makes it easy to bulk rename files

runs on Mac
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Changing the name of a document or other file on your Mac is pretty easy. Open a Finder window, find your file, type a new name, and go on your way. If you need to change two files, it's pretty much the same—just do it twice. At some point, however, it becomes a bit obnoxious. Just downloaded a dozen—or a hundred—photos from your digital camera? Not so easy to rename those files now, is it?

NameChanger is an industrial-strength name changing application. Browse to your file location, or drag-and-drop files that you want to rename. You can choose how you want to rename files: prepend text to the beginning, append it to the end, number files sequentially, and more. Choose to show or hide extensions, so you can add characters to the base file name but not the file extension—what would files with extensions like pdf1, .pdf2, .pdf3 look like anyway?

NameChanger is a Mac tool. You'll need to be running OS X 10.5 to use the latest version, although they do still have older builds available for users running Tiger (10.4) or Panther (10.3). It's a Universal Binary, so it'll work with your PowerPC or Intel system.

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