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One of the more obnoxious bits of Windows behavior is the insistence on rebooting your machine after installing a new application. Granted, sometimes this really is necessary, where files are locked and DLLs are being replaced by the new install. You can't kill a file that's in use, so the only way to guarantee that it's going to go away is to restart your system. Other times, however, it's more likely that the forced reboot is a function of the laziness of the programmer who wrote the installer. At times like that, it might be nice to avoid the reboot, especially if you're in a situation where you're installing multiple upgrades and may be asked to reboot your machine several times in an afternoon.

WhyReboot is a tool that can help you decide whether you really need to reboot after installing new software. Installers tend to leave their bits and pieces in specific locations in the Registry and such, and this tool will go out and check out those usual suspects; if it doesn't find signs of things having changed, then there's a good chance you may not really need to restart your system for the fifth time in the last half hour.

Now there may be situations where your system needs to restart that aren't covered by WhyReboot—adding a new driver, activating (or deactivating) a service, that sort of thing—but for the most part, you will probably save yourself some time and effort here. And of course if you don't see the behavior you're looking for, you can always reboot on your own anyway.

WhyReboot is a free Windows application. It should probably work with most recent versions of Windows (2k, XP, Vista).

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2 Responses to “No, I would not like to restart my computer now”

  1. y0himba says:

    I have been using this for a LONG time, and it has worked on XP, Vista, and now on Windows 7. VERY informative.

  2. Julie says:

    What I would REALLY like is something to prevent rebooting at night! I put my Lenovo Ideapad with Vista into hibernate mode for the night. But that does not prevent rebooting when the “powers that be” do something I don’t know about and just reboot at will, ruining half-done puzzles and generally irritating me! This happens at least twice or more per month. Do you have anything for that problem?

    BTW, I love receiving your emails, have used several of the free downloads.


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