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Does your Windows desktop look like the day after the night before? You know the drill: all your downloads, all the documents you're currently editing, even your last letter to Mom, all sitting there jumbled-up together. You couldn't find anything in that mess if you had to, and it's obscuring that cool wallpaper you worked so hard to find. You might want to check out Deskcretary.

With this tool, you can make sense out of that dumping ground you call a desktop. On a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, it goes through and archives all the important stuff sitting on your Windows desktop. These archives are fully searchable, so you aren't going to lose your important files and documents. You can specify which files or types of files to archive automatically, or even take control manually to decide what goes where. Choose to archive everything, or maybe exclude images or Word DOCs. Compress your archives to save space, or leave them uncompressed to just get those files out of the way.

Deskcretary is a free Windows application.

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  1. Austinkir says:

    This is a great piece of software when time is put into configuring it. It archives files to set location based on location, file type, date.

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