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Time is money. When you stop and think about it, that probably makes sense. If it takes you an hour to perform a task on a good day, and two hours to finish the same job on a less-good day, then that doubling of time has got to increase your cost. You pay extra for overnight service, figuring that the extra money is worth the time saved. You may also pay extra for a high-powered broadband connection for your computer. Are you getting your money's worth?

DownTester is a tool that can help you figure out just how fast your connection is. Many ISPs have a download speed test for you to use in seeing just how quick your connection is. Find the URL for this page, enter it into DownTester, and get started. You can also use files from other locations to check your your download speed. After about 20 seconds of activity, this tool will spit out a number that fairly accurately describes the speed of your connection.

Along with Internet speed, you can use this tool to check the speed of your network as well. Point to a file on another node on your network and see how fast it transfers from that machine to yours.

DownTester is a free Windows application. It runs under any system from Win98 up through Vista, and beyond.

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