Fire-off system events from your Dock

runs on Mac
screenshot of Dockables

OS X, like most modern operating systems, can do a whole lot of stuff. Way back when, users relied on their O/S for all the behind-the-scenes, down-and-dirty heavy lifting that had to go on in the background to mount volumes, manage the filesystem, talk with other machines, and all that good stuff. Nowadays, the emphasis seems to be much more on all the bells and whistles that can be added to the system. Everything has a GUI front end to make it pretty. Sometimes, though, the thing you really need to do right now isn't any of the fun stuff—looking at images, browsing the web—but rather is one of those behind the scenes items, like shutting your system down, rebooting your computer, putting the display, the hard drive, or even the whole system to sleep. Not pretty, but necessary. And to a great extent, lost among those bells and whistles.

Dockables helps you to accomplish those basic tasks, but without your having to open a terminal window and remember some complicated set of commands. It gives you one-click access to various system commands by putting a clickable button right on your Dock.

Dockables is a Mac app. it runs under OS X 10.5+.

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