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Everybody's got money troubles. For some of us, it's too little money; for others, it's too much. (We're willing to try to cope with that one.) For everybody else, it's keeping track of what you've got and how it's being used. If you have an accounting background, then you're ahead of the game. For the rest of us, some help might be in order.

Buddi is a tool that bills itself as "personal budget software for the rest of us." It doesn't assume that you have any particular background in finance. All you need to do is to set up your accounts and budget categories, and start entering data. One of the big benefits of using a system like this is its reporting capabilities. Using a combination of tables and graphs, you can get a real sense of where your money is coming from, and more importantly, where it's all going. Along with the included reports, Buddi supports third-party plugins, which provide additional reporting capabilities.

Buddi is a free download. It's a Java app, so will run on anything that has the appropriate version of Java installed, including, most Windows systems (especially XP and later), Mac OS X 10.4+, as well as many UNIX-like systems.

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