Run everything from the numeric keypad

runs on Windows
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We're always looking for a way to shave a few seconds off of everything we do. After all, once you get done with work, you can go and play. Or conversely, once you get done what you set out to do, there's always more work to do. Either way, quicker is usually better.

ControlPad is a tool that can help speed things up for you on your Windows system. Once it's installed, just hit the asterisk key, and up comes the ControlPad execution menu. Assign a keystroke or three to a particular command, and now when you type "123" you'll open Word or launch Firefox, or you can even daisy chain commands together to accomplish a lot by only typing a little. If you can type it in a Run window or enter it via a series of keystrokes, then ControlPad can accomplish it for you.

ControlPad is a Windows application.

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  1. Dave says:

    There is a much better option available for years now ,
    Its free, its GNU, it has a macro recorder, and you can compile your macros into an exe file to use by others.

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