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Like the man said, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Unless they really did change. Like a web page that has been tweaked, or a site where new content has been added. In those cases, it's not the same–it's different. If you want to see what changed, you may be up for a bit of a challenge.

Versionista can help you keep track of what's changing. This service will monitor pages you specify, and let you know when they change. This may be big changes, like changing the whole page, or a little selective editing here and there. It keeps a history of what it's looked at, so you can compare today's version with earlier iterations of your subject page.

While the full-blown version of this online tool is a paid service, you can sign up for a trial version that lets you track up to four changes on five individual URLs for free. You'll need a web browser to use it.

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  1. Austinkir says:

    Way to get me all exited and then tell me its not free! haha.

  2. Hi can you please tell me whether it can track any updates about particular keywords of the webpages.

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