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Do you know the make and model of the computer sitting on your desk? What about any installed applications? That's probably pretty easy to figure. Add a few more machines, and it's still doable. by the time you get a network of a dozen—or several dozen—nodes, it starts to get pretty difficult. If you need to see what's running where, you've got to walk around and take a look. It might be nice if all those machines would just "phone home" to let you know what they're up to. That's the thought behind Lansweeper.

Just install this tool on your server—no client to install on workstations—and whenever your users log in, it can go take a look and verify the hardware sitting on your users' desks, and see which apps are installed. That makes it easy to stay on top of your hardware inventory, and to verify that you've got adequate software licenses for your users, as well as helping to keep unauthorized apps off your network.

Lansweeper is not a trivial app. To take full advantage of all its features, You'll need to be running a recent Microsoft server, with IIS and MS SQL Server (or the free SQLexpress) installed.

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