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Everybody agrees that when it comes to passwords, bigger is better. After all, one of the best ways to frustrate a brute-force attack is to increase geometrically the number of combinations of characters that are necessary. Add to this all the other safeguards that are included in any robust password protection scheme—upper- and lower case alphabetic characters, numbers, and a few punctuation marks, no dictionary words, etc.—and you've gone a long way toward keeping your accounts secure. The flip side of that, of course, is the impossibility of remembering dozens of unique 40-character passwords for all of your financial- and other accounts.

LastPass is an online password manager. All you need to remember is your password to get into LastPass, and everything else can be as complicated—and safe—as you want. Along with passwords, it also remembers all that other fill-in-the-blank stuff you need to speed-up the process of entering your information into web forms: name, address, credit card numbers, the whole thing.

It's available as a desktop app for Windows, or as a plugin for your Windows, Mac, or Linux web browser.

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3 Responses to “Keep track of passwords and more”

  1. Sean says: is another amazing online password manager that is easy to use, and there is nothing to download. They are also certified by McAfee and TRUSTe.

  2. DippyGirl says:

    I have used a few password managers – inc roboform (which is excellent) but have been a committed lastpass follower since its early days – it is a great piece of software
    I was sceptical about things being stored on the web – but if you do some research – a lot of independent people say that nothing is exposed, and your data is safe. This is one of the most useful programs I have on my PCs

  3. Robert says:

    just checking it out.

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