Mount drive images as virtual drives

runs on Windows
screenshot of Virtual CloneDrive

If you've got a bunch of "stuff" to move around, whether it's to share with somebody else, move to another machine, or just squirrel away in an archive, there are several possible solutions. Stick them all in a ZIP file; roll 'em into a tarball, or go ahead and save them off as a disk image. This latter option is especially useful if you're working with an entire drive at once. Why grab individual pieces when you can grab the whole thing in one fell swoop?

Once you've got this drive image, what are you going to do with it? Sure, you can burn it to physical media—a CD or DVD—but maybe that's not the direction you want to head.

Virtual CloneDrive lets you mount image files as if they were actual drives. Now instead of burning them on your optical drive, you can mount that image file directly as a "virtual" drive. You can see everything that's in there, but without that intermediate step of burning to disc, storing it away, and figuring out what to do with it. It's compatible with most garden variety image formats, including ISO, BIN, and CCD.

Virtual CloneDrive is a Windows application. It should work fine on systems running Windows 98 or later.

Download Virtual CloneDrive

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