Cut List makes efficient use of materials

runs on Windows
screenshot of Cut List

Have you ever made cookies? Not the drop kind—the kind that you use a cookie cutter to make. No matter how closely you space them to each other, there's always a lot of waste in between. With cookies, you can just smush the dough all together and roll it out again. Now imagine instead of cookies, you're cutting shapes out of cloth, wood, Plexiglas, or some other material that doesn't lend itself to "smushing" to re-use the waste. Is there some way you can better use your material to minimize the leftovers?

Cut List is one possible solution here. Tell it the size board you're working with and the sizes of the pieces you need to cut it into, and it'll figure out the most efficient way to lay out your pattern on the available stock. Since it deals with rectangular regions, you're not going to be able to use it to make your cookie cutting escapades go any more smoothly, but that's probably okay.

Cut List is a free Windows application.

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