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File associations are a handy thing. If you want to open a Word DOC, chances are you want to open it with Word. Seems clear enough. What file associations allow you to do is to double-click on that DOC file to fire-off the application associated with it (Microsoft Word) and open that file in that program. That's a real time saver when it works. But what if you've got some new type of file that doesn't have an app associated with it? Double-click on that, and nothing happens. Or what if you want to open that DOC in OpenOffice's Writer tool? You've got to go in and tell Windows to make this change.

Of course you can accomplish this change using Windows itself, but it can get a little complicated. A third party tool like Default Programs Editor can make this change quick and easy. It's easy to add, change, or delete file associations based on filename extensions. You can even go in and un-check default programs settings, the ones Windows doesn't let you undo when you go in through the front door.

Default Programs Editor is a free Windows tool. It's designed to run under Windows XP and later.

Download Default Programs Editor

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  1. Laura Anne Seabrook says:

    I have also used PC Magazine’s Context Edit (see,2817,61299,00.asp) to do this, but this utility looks much easier to use.

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