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How much do you type in a given hour or day or week? No matter how many mouse clicks you generate over time, that number pales in comparison to the number of good old-fashioned keyboard key clicks you do. You might surprise yourself if you take a look at what you've been up to with KeyCounter.

KeyCounter is a tool that keeps track of how many times you've pressed a particular key on your keyboard. You choose the keys, and it keeps a record of the number of key presses. Designate a specific key or two ([Windows] key, [F1]) or choose from pre-defined classes of keys ([a] through [z], punctuation marks, etc.). While it is logging keystrokes, it's not like those monitors that grab what you're typing to steal passwords and all that—this guy just counts individual keystrokes.

Why use it? Who knows—maybe it can help you keep an eye on repetitive motion issues you're having; or if you write apps, looking at [F1] usage may give you a heads-up as to the number of times you have to ask for help when you're running your program.

KeyCounter is a free Windows application.

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