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You're not quite sure how you did it, but you know you did: you've got two files, but they're named wrong. And not just any wrong—their names are reversed. FOO should really be BAR, and vice versa. Simple problem, but not so simple to fix. After all, you can't rename those files in just one step. First you have to rename FOO to TEMP, then rename BAR to FOO, and finally change TEMP to BAR. That's a lot of wheel spinning for sure.

Switcheroo is the quick and easy way to exchange file names between two files. Open Windows Explorer, drag your files onto the Switcheroo window, press the magic Switch button, and your files are renamed. No more having to think the process through; no more getting lost in the middle and not knowing what you have.

Switcheroo is a free Windows app.

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  1. Marco P says:

    This is just a suggestion because of something i’ve been doing lately:

    Add an option that will switch file names, but leave the extension alone.

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