Cut and paste gets smarter with Smart Clipboard

runs on Mac
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We're big fans of the system clipboard. Having the ability to copy-and-paste text and images from here to there is a great timesaver. The only real alternative would be to save stuff off to individual files, and then insert them into your documents—not a lot of fun there. The only real drawback is that your system only has one clipboard. That's fine if you're not doing anything too complicated, but if you want to push the envelope a bit, pretty soon you're going to wish you had another clipboard or three.

Enter Smart Clipboard. Simple in concept, it's profound in its usefulness. Starting with a default number of four clipboards, you can add additional ones so that you have all the little cubbyholes you need for your data. It sits unobtrusively up in your menubar, waiting for you to click on it. You choose which clipboard will be active, and that's the one that new stuff will be added to or pasted from. Choose a different clipboard and store a second item in there; you get the picture. You can even choose to save the contents of a clipboard to a file, for more permanent storage. There's a preview feature included so you can remember which data is on which clipboard. And finally, you can actually save the contents of your clipboards from session to session. Restart your system and your clipboards are still there. Nice.

Smart Clipboard is a Mac application. It should run on just about any flavor of OS X.

Download Smart Clipboard

4 Responses to “Cut and paste gets smarter with Smart Clipboard”

  1. Neuronone says:

    “For Mac” but Windows symbol at top?

  2. Chippy says:

    Missed it by THAT much…. It’s all better now.

  3. Naomi says:

    Well, does anyone know whether this can be used for Windows? Two others have already asked and I’m waiting for a reply to all.

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