Strip formatting from text on the clipboard

runs on Mac
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You know the scenario: you're copying a chunk of formatted text, but need to paste it as plain old ASCII characters. Maybe it's a chunk of a Word DOC that you're sticking into a web page, or a link from an email that you're dropping into your browser. Either way, it would be nice if you could lose the formatting so that you're pasting just text. Sure, you could always paste the formatted text into BBEdit or some other text editor, and then copy it from there to paste into its ultimate destination, but that's a lot of extra work. What you need is a clipboard that will strip the formatting for you. What you need is Plain Clip.

This tool takes the text contents of your system clipboard and strips out the formatting. Now you can paste plain text into the places you want it to go, without having to worry about any formatting messing up your work.

Plain Clip is a Mac application. It requires OS X 10.3 or later.

Download Plain Clip

2 Responses to “Strip formatting from text on the clipboard”

  1. richard says:

    Nice, but if you have or use Open Office, this exists already in the suite! Ctrl-Shift-V brings up the Paste Special box, and you just choose “unformatted text”

  2. Noah natoll says:

    “Smart Clipboard is a Mac application.” And it’s included under Windows/Utilities because…

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