Blow up your screen—or at least the things on it—with HotBox

runs on Mac
screenshot of HotBox

Did you ever wish that something on your monitor were bigger? I don't mean the monitor itself—displays are getting HUGE and displaying massive amounts of information. But what about that little section over there? Whether it's because your eyes aren't quite as sharp as they used to be, or because you're looking at some video clip that doesn't have a "full screen" button on it, you'd like to make that thing you're focused on big enough to really see. Check out HotBox.

With this application, you can select a region on your display and blow it up to full-screen size. With a simple click-and-drag movement, you choose the area you're interested in and enlarge it to big (or huge). Now you can read that teeny-tiny print, or see that little thumbnail-sized image in all its glory.

HotBox is a Mac application. It runs under recent versions of OS X.

Download HotBox

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