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If you're planning a meeting, you know it can be a pain in the neck to pick a time where everybody is available. John's available mornings only, and Susie can't do Tuesday. A phone call here, an email there—it's a never-ending challenge. It'd be nice to get a little help here.

Doodle is an online service that makes it easy to schedule events and more. What they do is let you build a poll—a question to ask of your recipients—to get their feedback. For scheduling a meeting or other event, you set up a poll with a couple of suggested days and times, send a link to it to all your participants, and get their feedback. Now you can pick a time when everybody's available, because they told you when they could meet. It's handy for other types of questions as well: dinner or a movie? vacation on the coast or in the mountains? You can track the results online as they come in.

Doodle is a free service and should work for just about anybody on any platform. You and each of your participants will need a web browser and an email address.

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