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Could there possibly be a more maligned academic discipline than spelling? Think about it: in history, you learn about how we got to where we are today; in science, you come to understand how the world works; even math helps you to get the cobwebs out of your head and make your brain work for a living. But spelling? Just a bunch of rote memorization—nothing too fun there.

Of course, fun's not what it's all about. Without studying (and mastering) spelling, you'd be hard-pressed to get along in the world. Even with all the electronic gizmos we've come to depend on, including word processors with spell check, we'd be sunk without it. After all, "to", "two", and "too" are all spelled correctly, but without understanding how they're being used, you've got a 67% chance of guessing wrong about which one to use.

One way to help take the drudgery out of studying spelling is to use a tool like SpellingCity. An online service, it makes studying spelling almost manageable. Enter the words you're focusing on, and choose to have the site test you, teach you, or even play a game. Unfortunately, its behavior varies depending on whether it knows the words you've entered—it recognized "John", but not "Paul", "George", or "Ringo".

SpellingCity is a free service. You'll need a web browser to use it.

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