List the contents of directories with Directory Print

runs on Windows
screenshot of Directory Print

Sometimes you want all the bells and whistles. Other times simplicity is the order of the day. Why buy a Cadillac when a skateboard will get the job done? Directory Print is a tool that falls into this latter category.

As you might expect from the name, Directory Print lets you print directories. Duh. Rather than just a list of files in that directory, though, you can tweak your list to capture the info you're interested in. Choose whether to include file extensions, print folder and document icons, and even whether to exclude hidden, system, or read-only files. Filter filenames so you can get lists of only applications, photos, or whatever. Send the listing to your printer, or save it all to a file, whichever makes more sense for your purposes.

Directory Print is a free Windows application.

Download Directory Print

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