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We all know about pictures and their worth (about 1k words, at last count). But what kind of challenge is there in creating that picture? What if you could use just a few words to create that 1000-word-worth image? Check out Diagrammr.

Diagrammr (like Flickr—what is it about dropping that penultimate "e"?) lets you type in plain words what the relationship is between this entity and that, and translates it into a diagram. With as little as three words, you create a drawing with two entities and a relationship between them. Build from there, and you can crate flow charts, network diagrams, and more just by typing simple declarative sentences. It's not a full-blown diagramming tool, since you can't move objects around on-screen, but for quick and dirty drawings, it's tough to beat. You can even save your diagrams and link to them if you want to embed your artwork in a web page.

Diagrammr is a free online service. You'll need a recent web browser to use it.

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