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Copying and pasting text is a quick and easy way to make your computing life more efficient. Rather than having to re-type text from one application to the next, it's easy to just bring it with you via the clipboard. Sometimes, though, you get more than you wanted.

As computers and the operating systems that make them run get more sophisticated, they do more and more of the heavy lifting for you. Usually that's a good thing, but sometimes what the computer wants to do can be at cross-purposes with what you, the human, really want to accomplish. The system clipboard can be one culprit in this.

When you copy text to the clipboard, you typically grab the text itself, but along with it comes all the formatting that appears with the text. There may be a bold word, some of the text is in red, that sort of thing. Often what you really want is just the text, without all the fancy stuff that the clipboard brings along. The old-fashioned way to work around this problem is to copy text, paste it into Notepad, and then copy that same text from Notepad and drop it into its final destination. Notepad doesn't support formatting, so all the formatting stuff goes away. What a pain to have to take that extra step.

PureText is a tool that lets you strip out the formatting and paste text into your destination in just one step. Now it's not going to spell-check the text, strip out newline characters, get rid of HTML tags, or anything like that, but it is going to get rid of all the formatting that may be getting in your way.

A free download, PureText is a Windows application. It should be at home on any Win32 system from Windows 95 up through Vista.

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