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Putting up a website is easy. Getting people to find that website can be a real challenge. The whole field of search engine optimization is built around the notion that if you present your information and products in a way that gives the search engines what they're looking for, you're more likely to be found by the people who use them to find stuff. If you're in the business of selling widgets, you sure want people who search on "widgets" to find your site.

One important way that search engines use to figure out what your site is about is to look at the keywords you've used in putting the text on your site. If you're selling widgets, you'd better be sure to put the word "widgets" on your site a time or three. But when people search for widgets, what else do they type into the search box on Google, Bing, or Yahoo? You could try to guess, or you could use a tool like The Free Keyword Tool.

This tool—really a free online service—lets you know what other keywords you should be using on your pages to grab the all-import widget-searching crowd. Type your term or terms into their form, and it will return zillions of other keywords related to your terms. Now you can include even more terms on your site, and improve your chances of becoming the next Widget King.

The Free Keyword Tool is a free service. You can access it with just about any modern web browser. And good luck cornering the market on widgets!

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