Run Google productivity apps on your desktop with GMDesk

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Once upon a time, Google was a search engine. You used it to find stuff online, and it was good. After a while, they decided that they wanted to do more. They started creating applications that you could use to do more than just search. We're all familiar with GMail, Google Maps, their calendar, Google Docs, and all the other good stuff that they're got. Unfortunately, since all these apps are run as online services, it's been necessary to run a web browser to use them. After all, how do you get at the online stuff if not with a browser?

GMDesk is an alternative to that approach. Built on the Adobe Air platform, this tool lets you run Google's tools without running a browser. With Gmail or Google Docs running in GMDesk, they're literally just another app running on your desktop. You can easily task-switch between these and your other applications, and you don't have to bog your system down with all the overhead of your web browser.

GMDesk runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms—in fact, anywhere that you can install Adobe Air.

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