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Portable Document Format (PDF) files are a handy way to share information. Since they're easy to read, using the ubiquitous Adobe Reader application, but difficult to write to (since a full-blown version of Acrobat costs a king's ransom), they're a good way to get your story out there without having to worry about how it might get changed in the process. Write a report in Word or send a timesheet from Excel and somebody may change it—accidentally or on purpose—into something that you didn't actually write. In addition, since PDF files can be accessed by folks running PC's, Mac's, and even the Linux crowd, everybody can see what you've got to say. There is more to PDF files than what first meets the eye, however.

Along with all the text and images that PDFs bring along for the ride, they can also store a wealth of metadata. Items such as subject, keywords, author, and more are included here. But how do I get hold of that stuff? Check out PDFInfo.

This tool gives you easy access to all the standard metadata fields in the PDF file's Info Dictionary. Whether it's a file you created with a high-priced version of Acrobat, or one you created with one of the many print-to-PDF-file utilities out there, you can put your brand on your documents.

PDFInfo is a free download. It's a Mac app, distributed as a Universal Binary, so it should run on systems running OS X 10.3 or later, on either PowerPC or Intel machines.

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