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How much information do you suppose you have to sift through in a given day? A lot? A WHOLE lot? Sometimes it can get pretty overwhelming for sure.

Your computer has a bunch of data on it. But unfortunately, no matter how important all this information may be, it's not always easy to find just the pieces you're looking for when you need them. If it were all in a book, you'd have an index to work with. Unfortunately, most of the time all you've got is document names, which functions much more like a table of contents. If you're looking for the Johnson report, if you don't have a Word DOC named "Johnson Report", you may be in for a long, hard slog trying to find it. It sure would be nice to be able to add some tags and keywords to your documents to make it easier to find them.

Tagit is a free tool that lets you do just that. Based on some of the magical inner-workings of the Mac's OS X operating system, the clever engineers who put this together have figured out a way to tag your files with all sorts of metadata, and then to be able to search on that data to find your documents. Just drag a document onto the app in the Dock and you can assign tags, give ratings, and otherwise make your life easier. And that's a good thing.

Tagit is a free Mac application. You need to be running OS X 10.5.5 or later to use it.

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