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When you're writing code, sometimes your (computer's) desktop looks like an explosion. Maybe you're working with several files in an IDE, you've got a dozen text files open, a couple of specification documents, along with all the normal email, IM tools, and everything else you need to really be productive. You're moving text back and forth between all these different windows, and frankly losing your mind in the process. Your clipboard is getting a real workout, but you just know there's got to be an easier way to carry all this stuff back and forth.

TenClips bills itself as the "ultimate multiple clipboards for developers." It incorporates features of a multiple-clipboard application with format-stripping capabilities as well. With ten individual clipboards, you'll probably find a cubbyhole for all the "stuff" you need to move from here to there. Imagine grabbing all the individual pieces you need from the spec doc at one time and then pasting them into your code individually—no back-and-forth to get the job done. And you can choose a plain-old paste, bringing formatting information along, or alternatively you can paste "purified text"—just the text, with no formatting.

TenClips is a free Windows tool. It runs under XP, Vista, and Windows 7

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One Response to “Get ten clipboards in one with TenClips”

  1. Paludour says:

    TenClips 1.3 is out with new nice features:

    * Save/Restore the ten clipboards content to file.
    * New hotkey to reload the last used file.
    * Files copied from Windows Explorer can be pure-pasted (Win + V) as list of files in a text editor.
    * Pure-pasting (Win + V) is working in Command Prompt windows (DOS) if QuickEdit mode is enabled.