Sticky notes without the clutter

runs on Windows
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How many little bits and pieces of information do you come across over the course of a day or week? Whether it's little reminders to return a phone call, a note to grab a quart of milk on the way home, a web address to visit, a pithy little quote to add to your blog, you've got tons of little things to keep track of. Sticky notes might be your current solution, but you know how quickly the walls around your cubicle gets filled with those, and sticking them to the bezel of your monitor isn't a real answer either. There are electronic sticky note-like tools you can use too, but those virtual notes can take up a lot of screen real estate before long.

CintaNotes is the electronic sticky note done one better. Instead of a bunch of separate little rectangles on your screen, these notes all live together as a list in the CintaNotes interface. It's got a super fast search system built in, so as you type your words or phrase, the notes that don't match go away (just hidden, not deleted), so that you're left with the information you want and not what you don't. You can add text directly to the app, or with it running in the background (minimized to the System Tray), just highlight the text you're interested in on a web page or in a document, hit the hotkeys, and that text is automatically inserted into CintaNotes. It doesn't get much easier than that.

CintaNotes is a free Windows application. It runs under Windows 2000 and later.

Download CintaNotes

2 Responses to “Sticky notes without the clutter”

  1. UK Mike says:

    Immediate reaction > exceptionally promising

    Using Xubuntu > Wine set to XP > compatible

  2. Colin says:

    Small, simple, good search facility, and looks very promising. Good find.

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