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If you live anything but the most simple of lives, you've got more stuff to keep track of than anybody really should have to. Whether it's projects at work, stuff at home, kids' schedules, volunteer work, or any of a zillion other things, there's just no way you can hold all that stuff in your head. All those little scraps of paper just don't cut it any more. You know that some day, it's ll just going to blow up and you're going to miss that important deadline, or the kids will be at soccer but you'll be looking for them at ice skating, or worse. Now what are you gonna' do?

ToDoList is aimed at helping you keep track of projects you're working on. Defining what a "project" is is up to you. There's no limit to the number of items or sub-items (or sub-sub-items) you can enter here, so you can probably get just as granular as you need to. Keep track of your estimates of how long each piece is going to take, and compare them with the actual amount of time you've invested in your work. You can expand and contract items, so you can expose or hide lower-level items while still looking at the big picture. And it automatically saves your work when you shut down, and remembers where you were when you start up again.

ToDoList is a free Windows application.

Download ToDoList

2 Responses to “Free project management tool”

  1. Votre says:

    11/06/2009 – Download link not working. Got this message:

    “We’re Sorry, but the article you are trying to view has been deleted. “

  2. BloughMee says:

    To the idiot who can’t find the download link…. 1) It’s working 2) If it wasn’t… have you ever heard of “Google”…. see it’s pretty cool, you go to and type in te name of whatever you’re trying to find.. hit enter… voila, you get a listing that will include their website.

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