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There are lots of drawing programs out there. If your graphical needs run to something for the kids to play with, or the occasional sketch you need to run to the hardware store with, then your operating system's default image editor may be just fine. If you plan to appeal to a wider—and perhaps more professional—audience, you may want to upgrade from this. If your illustrations require more precision, you might use a tool like Visio to draw illustrations of process flow or the next revision of the corporate organization chart. You might also want to go take out a loan to afford it.

Dia is a tool which, like Visio, is used to draw structured diagrams. Network layouts, flowcharts, etc., are right up its alley. It's got all the standard shapes you might need, and they're fully customizable in terms of color, size, aspect ratio, and all. Draw connecting lines between shapes and anchor them, so that as you drag shapes around the workspace, your connections go with them. Add text to the workspace to help explain what's going on, you start to believe that is picture really is worth at least a thousand words.

Dia is a free download. It's available for Ubuntu and openSUSE Linux, as well as Windows (Win2k or later).

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