Put your desktop to work with Rainmeter

runs on Windows
screenshot of Rainmeter

Think about your computer's desktop. Mostly it just sits there. Sure, you can add some wallpaper to it, but now you've got a wallpaper-enhanced desktop that mostly just sits there. It might be nice to make it do something useful.

One way to put your desktop to work is with a tool like Rainmeter. This app lets you add a bunch of useful tools to your desktop and finally make it work for a living. As you might expect, Rainmeter does include a—wait for it—rain meter, so you can check on last night's precipitation. In addition to that, though, it's got a bunch of other tools you can use, including note taking apps, application launchers, various newsfeeds, system status info, and more. It's fully skinnable, so you can make it look pretty, and there are oodles of apps you can choose to use with it.

Rainmeter is a Windows app. It runs under XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

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