Write the Great American Novel with Character Keeper

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Are you writing the next Great American Novel? How about the next award winning play or movie? You've got so many ideas in your mind about character, location, plot, and more, that your head is about to explode. You know you've got to write it all down, but how will you ever find it all once you've created a stack of paper or a hard drive full of word processing docs?

Character Keeper is a tool that lets you keep track of all these important bits and pieces in one location. Keep your notes in here, and you'll always be able to find them. There's no limit to the number of characters you can keep track of, or the amount of information you track for each one. Add all your other ideas as well, including timelines, family history, titles, and more. With Character Keeper tracking the minutiae, you can spend your time writing and being creative, instead of serving as an unpaid file clerk.

Character Keeper is a free application. It's available for Windows (XP and Vista), as well as a couple flavors of Linux.

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2 Responses to “Write the Great American Novel with Character Keeper”

  1. Hermann says:

    “Small and nimble. Character Keeper launches quick, lets you find your information fast, and lets you get back to what you were doing. No big, fat programs to slow down you or your computer”, they say on their website.

    Uhhghh! It’s a 20 MB download which inflates to 60 MB on the HD. It’s a fat and slow .net-Prog and of little use.

    Sorry. This is it NOT.

    Not free, but perfect for creative writers:

    Writers Café (with StoryLines)

    Liquid Story Binder

  2. Novelist says:

    I agree. When a friend told me about this download, she said it would be useful. All it did was take up 60 MB on my hard-drive.

    Needless to say, it isn’t the thing I was looking for.