File backup tool that thinks it's a version control app

runs on Windows
screenshot of DocShield

If you're using your computer to do real work, then you know that your files are constantly changing. Sure, there are bunches of cached files that your web browser uses to keep track of where you've been, but we're talking here about word processing documents, spreadsheets, projects you're coding, that sort of thing. Backing up is important to make sure that none of your brilliance, to say nothing of the sheer number of hours involved, goes the way of the dodo. Backups create a snapshot of your files at the time you backed them up, and for most purposes, that's probably good. If, however, you realize that something dramatic changed between two backups, there's no way to go back and capture that intermediate state. After all, you didn't back it up, right?

DocShield may be able to give you a hand here. While it can function as a full-blown backup tool, it also serves as a bit of a configuration manager. since it can take snapshots of your files when they change, and in real time, it is now possible to go back and re-capture the state of the world immediately before that boneheaded error that caused your system to crash and ate your last six hours' worth of work. And that's a good thing, right?

DocShield is free for personal, non-commercial use. It's a Windows app and runs under Win98/WinNT and later. It also requires version 2 of the .NET Framework.

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