Take your modest image and turn it into a huge poster

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Some pictures look fine as snapshots. Other images just cry out to be seen in huge format. After all, those IMAX guys get plenty of business showing movies on a really big screen.

With Block Posters, you can take your image–digital photo, drawing, whatever–and blow it up from a couple hundred pixels to a zillion pixels. The sky's really the limit here. The whole process is pretty straightforward: you upload your image, tell them how many sheets of paper wide you want the result, and then push the magic button. This tool does all the calculations to figure out how tall the resulting image has to be, so all the proportions are kept correct. It then spits out a multipage PDF of your huge image.

Now if you've ever enlarged any kind of bitmap-based digital image, you know that it can pixelate horribly and make a big mess. While that's true when you look at the image from right up front, know that when you move back far enough, it's going to look fine again. If you really want to put a photo of your baby on the side of the Empire State Building (don't try this at home, kids), you'll blow it up to about eleventy-nine pages wide, but when you look at it from a mile or two away, it'll look just swell.

Block Posters is a free service.

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  1. Pedro Cotilla says:

    This sounds great ! Let’s see how it works. C U later