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When is good for the next meeting time? That question is hard enough to answer when everybody's in the same room. Spread them around the company–or the world–and it's next to impossible to reach a consensus on when everybody can get together. Phone calls and email don't help a lot here–what you need is a schedule that everybody can look at all at the same time, and give their feedback.

WhenIsGood is a tool to look at here. A free online service, it lets you, the meeting convenor, go in and block out when you would like the meeting to happen. Maybe you've got the 9:00 am hour available tomorrow, but all day is free on Tuesday. Enter as many timeslots as you have available, and then get everybody else's feedback. Everybody's looking at the same chart, and entering their availability, so eventually you're going to get to a point where everybody can be there. Then, barring unforeseen lottery wins and emergency trips to Tahiti (you don't want that windfall going to waste, do you?), you'll be able to get everybody together, whether it's in the office, on the phone, or via video conference.

WhenIsGood is easy to use. You don't even have to register, so you're not making much of a commitment by trying it out.

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